How it Works

Why FAHM? And why Finish AT Home Meals?

Because we want to give you less hassle for more quality meals at home.

We found that making meals from scratch is a great idea but way too time consuming when you get home, you're exhausted or you have a family to feed.

And those recipe boxes, well it takes the guess work out of what to make, but it still has all the prep work involved.

What about take out? Yummy in pics but dried and flavourless  by the time it gets delivered.

Then came FAHM! (the first letter is the Greek F)

We wanted to create our delicious Greek inspired dishes and make sure you were able to taste them just like they were meant to be eaten!

We marinate our product for a few days to ensure you get all the flavours locked in, then we cook them to 80% and vacuum seal our portions, WHY? So that we can ensure that those same flavours and juiciness are there when you get the product.

From there you simply finish it in your oven in under 30 minutes and you get a meal made to perfection! Simple, no fuss, no prep just a delicious meal!

This is the magic of FAHM!

Fast and healthy, these delicious foods come to you with all the prep work removed. Simply open our vacuum sealed bags or trays and finish them off in the oven. In under 30 minutes you will have restaurant quality, delicious, nutritious and healthy dinners on your table in no time!

No longer something you crave when anticipating your next Peter & Paul’s event, we are making everyday an occasion for you to enjoy quality, chef made food in the comfort of your own home.


Orders can be delivered on either Monday’s or Thursday’s. For Monday delivery, orders must be placed by the previous Wednesday at 10:00pm. For Thursday deliveries, orders must be placed by the previous Saturday at 10:00pm.

We've made it so convenient that we deliver your choice of meals straight to your door.  Shipping across Toronto & the GTA twice weekly to ensure the freshest product is delivered. (Monday's and Thursday's.)

We also provide 2 convenient order ahead and pick up locations:

Paramount Event Space in Vaughan
Paramount Eventspace
222 Rowntree Dairy Road
Woodbridge, ON
L4L 9T2

YK Marketta located at The Distillery in Toronto
YK Marketta
Distillery District
55 Mill Street
Toronto, ON
M5A 3C4

Order deadlines also apply for pick up orders.
Minimum orders for delivery is $50.
Delivery charge flat $14.