Frequently Asked Questions


We do not offer shipping for any orders under $50- pick up is always available



Orders over $100 after discounts will receive free delivery


Do you provide nutritional information?

We outline all our nutritional facts and ingredients on labels, please see the second image to each of our products that you can order.


How long does the product last?

Our products are clearly marked with their expiry day.  Typically because of the vacuum seal and refrigeration our products will last 7-10 days safely.  You can always freeze then thaw our product if you would like to keep it longer.


How much are the delivery costs?

We offer a flat rate of $14 for minimum $50 purchase, of course pick up at our 2 locations is always free!


Where do your ingredients come from?

All our proteins, grains and veggies are sourced by local producers in Ontario


I live in a condo building with no concierge how can I get my product?

We highly encourage that you have your product delivered to your place of office, or leave a note if you’re at home to contact you once we are at your condo door!


How long can my product stay inside the delivery box?

Our ice packs keep the product cool for up to 7 hours